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Vintage Lady black

Vintage Lady black

Vintage Lady black

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In an immensely fast world full of notifications and digitalization, we often lose sight of the beautiful. Like, for example, the charm of a classic jewelry watch. The goal of the Oskron brand is to combine the elegance and beauty of a jewelry watch with the common functions of a smartwatch, without losing the character of a watch.

Therefore, we have developed classic jewelry watches, which have a barely visible display integrated into the dial and are connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The idea was to be reachable without being exposed to the permanent distraction of the smartphone and its numerous time-consuming apps.

The result is a watch with eye-catching potential, which can be combined individually both classic and casual to all outfits. A watch that offers added value through simple functions compared to conventional jewelry watches, without having to wear a mini-computer on your wrist.